The Environmental Studies major is intended to provide you with a basis for advanced study in a number of areas, such as sociology, natural resource management, public policy, environmental planning, etc.

This program will also prepare you for careers in environmentally related professions such as government agencies, consulting firms, advocacy groups, or other professional and/or academic settings.

As a student studying in the Environmental Studies program you will learn to:

  1. communicate effectively in professional scientific formats,
  2. think critically when you read professional literature, solve problems, and when you design and conduct experiments and interpret your data,
  3. acquire a general knowledge of the natural and social sciences as related to environmental problems,
  4. demonstrate awareness of your responsibilities by examining and developing standards of ethics and integrity appropriate for professionals, respecting the diversity of life, and contributing to the welfare of their community and ecosystem, and
  5. be prepared to pursue advanced study in graduate and professional schools, or to acquire careers in environmentally related professions such as with government agencies, environmental consulting firms, advocacy groups, or law school.