Spanish Language Instruction in Morelia, Mexico

Add to your Spanish-speaking skills while soaking up the true culture of Mexico!

This immersion language program gives intense instruction that could have you speaking Spanish like a native speaker in just five weeks. It's perfect for students who want to improve their Spanish while learning more about the art and culture of Mexico.

Students enrolled in this program complete a five-six week Spanish language course offered by Centro Universitario de Michoacan. Centro Universitario de Michoacan is a well-established school that offers numerous Spanish language immerson courses. These courses have an average of five students per class, and students have access to an on-site tutor for additional assistance.

The university is located in Morelia, Mexico, about one hour from Mexico City. Morelia is rich in history -- the city features colonial architecture and an active cultural life around the universitario. Students can participate in a variety of cultural events outside the university, including weekend excursions to local historic sites. During their stay in Morelia, students live with local families. Each student has a private room and receives three meals a day. Internet access and medical services are also available.

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Faculty Contact: Dr. Bill Eakin

Academic Credit: Six hours of academic credit available from University of the Ozarks.

Cost: $2,000-$4,000. Includes tuition, room and board, excursions and day trips, optional enrichment courses.

Application Deadline: January 30

Application Process: Fill out a survey of interest and return it to Dr. Eakin.

Scholarships: TBA