Korean Student Exchange

University of the Ozarks and Hannam University in Daejeon, Korea, have entered into an agreement that allows up to two students per term to come from the University of the Ozarks to study at Hannam. Courses are taught in English at the Linton Global College. This is an outstanding opportunity for students who want to experience the culture of South Korea first hand.

Hannam and Linton College Hannam University was originally founded by American Southern Presbyterian missionaries, retains a very strong Christian identity, and offers a host of baccalaureate (offering 49 undergraduate majors) and graduate degrees. It houses Linton Global College, offering all its classes in English; Linton Global College currently offers majors only in “Global Communication” and “Culture and Global Business,” but it also offers a wide variety of general courses. Visit this site to learn more:

Hannam University Exchange Student Program (ESP)

To Apply

How much does it cost? You pay your regular Ozarks tuition & fees (with any applicable scholarships and financial aid); you are responsible for room & board, books, and travel costs and other personal expenses. Financial aid may be available to help offset those costs.

Am I eligible? The program is open to students in any major. Because space is limited for our exchange program there is an application process to be nominated. Students should be at least in their sophomore year, be fairly well into their major course of study and have spoken about the options with their advisors; a GPA of 3.2 is recommended. Finally to be nominated you will also need to complete application with Hannam University (the requirements differ somewhat) and, to participate, must be accepted there, too. Students interested in this opportunity should contact the Ozarks Study Abroad coordinator as soon as possible with the following:

How do I apply? Visit with Dr. Bill Eakin (Room 219, Walton Fine Arts Center) then, for the following FALL semester, fill out a Survey of Interest (available from Dr. Eakin) by November 29.