Transfer of Credit From Other Institutions of Higher Education

In general, the University of the Ozarks accepts transfer courses from regionally accredited institutions or international institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education in the appropriate country, provided that these courses are intended to meet degree requirements at the sending institution.

The general criteria by which the University of the Ozarks evaluates transfer courses presented for degree credit at Ozarks are:

  1. the educational quality of the sending institution and of the courses themselves;
  2. the comparability of the credit and of the courses themselves to be transferred to Ozarks; and
  3. the appropriateness and applicability of the courses and credits in relation to programs offered by Ozarks.

In cases where the quality, comparability, or applicability of a course is in question, before rendering a decision on granting transfer credit, the University reserves the right to request additional information (see next paragraph) and / or to require a proficiency examination similar to the final examination of the equivalent Ozarks course. In cases where a student presents transfer work from domestic institutions lacking regional accreditation or international institutions lacking recognition by the appropriate Ministry of Education, the University requires the student to present convincing documentation about the quality, comparability, and applicability of the course(s) in question (see next paragraph) and / or to pass a proficiency examination similar to the final examination of the equivalent Ozarks course.

The “additional information” or “convincing documentation” requested or required may include such items as a course syllabus, credentials of the faculty member, and / or a portfolio of work completed for the course. In the case of online or correspondence courses, the student must present evidence of at least the following: safeguards at the transfer institution that ensure

  1. that the student who completes and receives credit for the course is the same one who registered (required by federal law) and
  2. that the integrity of course examinations is protected.

In evaluating the quality and comparability of a course applicable to an Ozarks degree, regardless of delivery method or timeframe, factors such as the following will be considered: comparability of expected student outcomes for the course, evidence of comparable rigor, and the nature of the course experiences (e.g., reading, writing, and research requirements, laboratories, hands-on work, physical education activities).

General Limitations

  • To receive credit for transfer courses, students must earn at least a grade of C-. Students must provide documentation to the registrar that grades of “Pass” or “Satisfactory” in such courses represent grades of C- or better (or, in the absence of a letter grade, a 70 percent average or higher). Such documentation might include a citation from the institution’s catalog, the course syllabus, or an official letter from the instructor, dean, or registrar of the institution documenting that the grade of “Pass” or “Satisfactory” does indeed signify a grade of C- or better in the course.
  • No transfer courses will be counted in a student's cumulative grade point average at Ozarks.
  • No student may transfer more than sixty-six hours from junior or community colleges.
  • A student’s last thirty semester hours of academic work must be done in residence at Ozarks.

Transfer Credit Procedures for Already-Enrolled Ozarks Students

  • Courses may not be taken by students enrolled at Ozarks for transfer credit at another college or university without being first approved by both the student's advisor and the chair of the division in which the course will count for credit (or, in the case of a general education distribution course for which there is no Ozarks equivalent, by the chair of the General Education Oversight Committee). Approval of the transfer courses will be subject to the “Criteria” and “General Limitations” detailed above.
  • Any student who wishes to appeal any decision related to the approval or disapproval of any course for transfer credit and / or for the curricular requirement to be fulfilled should file a written petition with rationale and supporting evidence with the vice president for academic affairs, who will render a final decision.